A Year of Terror

At the time of this publication in February 2017, the world witnessed another terrorist attack in France. The Louvre attack was the latest in a series of continued terror assaults over the last two years. The year 2016 was a particularly deadly as there were about 4.5 times the number of terrorist attacks, compared with 2015. The below visualisation shows a summary of all 2016 attacks month by month, comparing them with the monthly total of the previous year.

Because of this unprecedented wave of terror, the search for political solutions is a priority in the diplomatic and military agenda of most countries. Nevertheless, the attacks do not seem to diminish. In fact, there were already around 160 terrorist attacks in January 2017.

Some observers fear that the migrant and refugee crisis weaken the security situation resulting in an increased threat of terrorism this year, especially across Europe. It is not yet known how to prevent the next attack, but as long as there are wars, it is unlikely that terrorism will stop being part of everyday news.

A YEAR MONTHS OF TERROR - Author: Ana Duek and Matteo de Franceschi

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