We provide scalable solutions for artificial intelligence in specialized industrial and critical infrastructure environments.

We work on large-scale system integration and situation awareness management by integrating our solutions and cooperating with the different teams within our client’s organization.




Smart Cities

Proprietary machine vision solutions to enhance AI real-time monitoring, capturing of any city related data  —from traffic, crowd controls to law enforcements­— as well as automate processes recognition.  AI is also key to link vast amounts of data from various sources and turning it into actionable insights.

Augmented Reality Technology

Development of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for manufacturing applications such as, for example, assembly of manufactured products, maintenance of manufacturing equipment, expert support, training and marketing concept engineering.


Monitoring and Surveillance

Proprietary machine vision technology to segment, track objects and format video allowing easy integration with AI engines. Our solutions allow to increase an asset’s defense-in-depth capability by timely and accurately detecting and classifying potential threats. High-quality video, reliable remote monitoring, advanced systems integration and intelligent video functions that allow to deploy AI trained models.




Jeremy Perez - Co-Founder & CTO
Ana Duek - Co-Founder & CEO
Marco Gajardo - Engineering Director
Tom James Business Development Advisor
Nathan Wanzek - Chief Video Editor
Justin Wagle - Technology Advisor



Operating as Spica Tek Corporation and S.I. ENTERPRISES — San Francisco, CA.




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