Visual Assessment Data Science Singapore

Visual Assessment is a boutique consultancy and independent research firm that develops analytical tools to assist decision makers.

We combine a design driven approach with data sciences and advanced modelling techniques.

We assist governments, businesses, non-profits and educational institutions, by analysing and reporting data and insights. We provided tailored solutions suited to their business goals. We work with them to unveil the hiding value of their data, and through static, dynamic or interactive visuals make the most complicated subjects clear. Because timely understanding and effective communication are key to impactful decision-making.

Our Services

Visual Reports

Visual report

Fast and accurate decisions are the key to success. Visual Assessment delivers visual reports that express critical information with clarity to enable effective communication and decision-making […]

Data visualization

Data visualization

Data analysis allows us to tell fact-based stories, yet not all these stories are informative or appealing. Regardless of the mean and/or the topic, images always enrich the content and increase the usability […]

Data analytics


Nowadays it is easy and price accessible to capture, store, and manage data. However, data analytics is not about data. It is about science!! Data may not contain the answer you are looking for. In fact, the power of analytics lies on asking the right questions to find useful answers […]



In Visual Assessment, we develop models that are key to problem-solving and decision-making. Models and simulation are powerful tools that assist in the analysis of a problem […]

Consultancy and Training

Consultancy and training

We assist our clients to augment their team’s internal capabilities, we empower their teams through on-site training tailored to their business goals […]